Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Winter Storms Damage Your Gutters?

 In most areas, but particularly in the South, the damage you can receive to your roof or your gutters normally comes from severe storms...not a week of ice and snow with subzero temperatures! Normal wear and tear and clogged gutters are issues when a thunderstorm is approaching and there is nowhere for the water to go.

But since we don't get "real" winter storms, it's not common enough to think about how our gutter system may be affected.

Gutters Tyler TX let us know they received several calls from homeowners that had gutters completely come off due to the weight the ice/snow that had accumulated. Think about it. Normally they can easily be clogged with leaves and other debris that don't have a lot of weight, and the water just runs off. With below freezing temperatures, the liquid freezes and becomes much heavier. And if you've have a gutter system that is already damaged or old, it's easy to see some issues.

Especially with larger winter storms, when the gutters are already frozen and precipitation continue to comes down...or when some of the frozen pieces begin to melt. Only to refreeze and then you have..icicles. More added weight to the gutters.

Again it's sometimes hard to prepare for something that you're not use to preparing for. But it's ideal if you can find some ice melt to through on the roofs and in the gutters ahead of time.

It's also worth considering gutter guards. Not only will this help year around from debris clogging your gutters, but it will also help in the winter time. Snow and ice would only accumulate at the top instead of inside your gutters, and allow runoff over the edges a little easier.

Give your local roofing company or gutter specialist a call to see if they have any additional tips for winterizing your gutters in your region. It's always better to be prepared, as well as know what to do to be reactive. 


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