Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Winter Storms Damage Your Gutters?

 In most areas, but particularly in the South, the damage you can receive to your roof or your gutters normally comes from severe storms...not a week of ice and snow with subzero temperatures! Normal wear and tear and clogged gutters are issues when a thunderstorm is approaching and there is nowhere for the water to go.

But since we don't get "real" winter storms, it's not common enough to think about how our gutter system may be affected.

Gutters Tyler TX let us know they received several calls from homeowners that had gutters completely come off due to the weight the ice/snow that had accumulated. Think about it. Normally they can easily be clogged with leaves and other debris that don't have a lot of weight, and the water just runs off. With below freezing temperatures, the liquid freezes and becomes much heavier. And if you've have a gutter system that is already damaged or old, it's easy to see some issues.

Especially with larger winter storms, when the gutters are already frozen and precipitation continue to comes down...or when some of the frozen pieces begin to melt. Only to refreeze and then you have..icicles. More added weight to the gutters.

Again it's sometimes hard to prepare for something that you're not use to preparing for. But it's ideal if you can find some ice melt to through on the roofs and in the gutters ahead of time.

It's also worth considering gutter guards. Not only will this help year around from debris clogging your gutters, but it will also help in the winter time. Snow and ice would only accumulate at the top instead of inside your gutters, and allow runoff over the edges a little easier.

Give your local roofing company or gutter specialist a call to see if they have any additional tips for winterizing your gutters in your region. It's always better to be prepared, as well as know what to do to be reactive. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Typical Plumbing Repairs

It's a constant aspect of being a home owner (or really anyone in general) that sometimes gets overlooked or just neglected. You use plumbing every day, it's really impossible not to. Washing your hands, taking a shower, flushing the toilet, etc. It all requires a proper plumbing system, and it requires that everything is working correctly.

Here are some common issues a normal person can run into, along with potential costs when it comes to plumbing repair:

  • Leaking pipes: Maybe obvious, but the point here is that sometimes a leaking pipe will be located in an area that you don't normally see. But, when that pipe continues to leak, you can guarantee that you'll notice soon when the water is on the floor or running down the walls.
  •  Hot water heaters: It's easy to forget about, because it's normally in the garage or a small closet that you normally don't look at. But it's very important to check it's condition and be aware of it's age. A busted hot water heating can be devastating. 
  • Faulty Faucets. Again, obvious issue. And it's something you should see (and hear) if it's there. The important thing to remember is to get it fixed ASAP.
  • Running toilets: A very common issue, that can normally be corrected by the homeowner. But just like faucets, if you don't take care of the problem immediately, running toilets will begin to run up your water bill.
  • Clogs, build-ups, sewer problems, etc.
There are a ton of potential issues of course. Some are very simple, some aren't. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, we definitely don't suggest even starting the project and call a pro like our plumber allen tx friends.

Cost is always a factor, really with everything in life, but in general most plumbing costs are low if we're looking at just basic repairs. Most plumbers charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour (with a probable minimum hours stipulation). So unclogging a toilet or fixing that leaky faucet probably would only run you a couple hundred dollars.

Obviously, when looking at repairing a broken pipe or something like a remodeling job, then you'll be looking at a much higher cost. For those instances it may be worth getting quotes from more than one company to make sure it fits in your budget.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

SEO...Best Done With Research

 It's no secret that Search Engine Optimization can be a trick subject. There are different ways and different theories...not all of which that are good practices to get you or your clients site ranked. But one thing is for certain, proper research will give you the best chance to succeed. 

Whether you are a business owner, or a working as your own digital agency to help small businesses, it's vital to understand that you HAVE to do research on your niche, your competitors, your local area and your possible keywords to have the best chance of success. 

Keyword research is perhaps the most important. If you are working for a client and optimizing his site, make sure you do a deep dive to understand the business needs, and of course what their customers would search for to find them in a search.

Our Plano SEO friends, who also specialize in SEO, have told us they spend countless hours doing research on a daily basis to ensure they are getting their clients the best possible service.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Custom Home Building

 It can be overwhelming to think about a custom home. Finding the land, and then finding the best construction company and/or remodeling contractor. A custom home builder each have a unique style and design, so do you research and see what fits your needs.

For certain areas like trying to find an East Texas home builder, the styles can be even more unique and focused around styles throughout the region.

In Texas, the farmhouse look and feel is becoming more and more popular. A rustic look and design from the outside, with a modern touch and elegance on the inside.

Expertise is crucial here. You probably have several ideas of what you would want with your own custom home, so it's vital that you find a custom home builder with great communication that helps lay out your options and plans from the beginning.

And of course, the all important factor of quality. Homes can be made cheap...sometimes too cheap. So always ask about the materials and equipment a contractor uses. We would even go so far to ask if you could view a previously built home, or one currently under construction to help answer some questions and give you some extra piece of mind that you are choosing the best company.

Pre-built homes don't always suit the needs of a new homeowner, so there's tremendous reward for going with a custom built home so you get your dream home the way that you want!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Texas Hill Country Real Estate

Moving to the Great State of Texas? Well you're not the only one.

The Lone Star State is obviously huge and full of different types of lands. From the dry West Texas plains, to the tall pine tress in East Texas. And with it, plenty of housing opportunities and fabulous properties for those looking for a new home.

One area is growing more than the rest, and that's the Austin and Central Texas region. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and for good reason. Right with it, are surrounding towns like Cedar Park and Manor.

If you're looking for houses for sale in Williamson County TX or any of the smaller towns in the Hill Country, you're on the right track.

On the outskirts of Austin, towns like Elgin and Wimberley provide that small town charm while providing proximity to vital resources of the city such as the airport and shopping malls. There's also plenty of open land yet to be developed, that would be perfect for those wanting a dream home away from everything, or even our Central Texas ranchers.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Limousine Services

A good limousine company can serve a ton of purposes. The most common use that we think of for needing a limo is normally around prom, weddings, and all around special occasions. But there are plenty of other opportunities for needing a classy ride.

Frisco limo and other companies in large metropolitan areas are in high use for corporations and business services. Cities that are home to large corporations have clients and upper level management flying in daily for meetings and partnerships. The use and reserving a limo for a client takes off a burden for them, while creating a nice look for yourself and your team.

It's important to find a company, regardless of the occasion, that has a good reputation of showing up on time, along with excellent customer service. The vehicle is the best part of the ride, but a good driver can make the difference!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Spring and Summer in Texas Can Mean Roof Damage

For our Southern and Southeastern residents, we know it's common to have a huge severe storm roll through in the Spring. Many times bringing very strong wind and large hail. We rely on roofing San Antonio for help and guidance when it comes to roof repair and replacement.

Even light hail can create damage to your roof. It's very important to try to continuously monitor the state of your roof. Hail and high winds will slowly destroy a roof, regardless of it's age. As soon as you see damage, or see shingles that have been blown off, it's time to have someone come out for a full inspection. Small damage can easily lead to large damage, including leaks that end up damaging other parts of the home.

Also keep in  mind that your gutters need to be properly maintained and cleaned. Clogged gutters can also lead to extensive damage when the water begins to sit or overflow.

Contact your local roofing company for any questions, there are different factors such as location and climate that will always come into play.